Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water.

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This year, I began cheating on coffee and tea with coconut water. If anyone knows me then they would know that I am a major coffee drinker. Caffeine addict through and through [hence, look at my URL/blog name.] Ever since I saw one of my idols, Miranda Kerr, posting all the benefits to drinking coconut water, I decided to give it a try and have been hooked to this pricey drink [pricey because I mainly purchase Zico ranging around 5 dollars] ever since—to the point where I have my not-even-two years old son drinking it daily. I started telling some of my friends and family about it and many people would stick up their nose and be like “ewww…WHY!” I mean, sure the taste is a little different but let’s be honest here—we didn’t enjoy the taste of alcohol at first either but we all still drink it until we liked it. Unlike alcohol, if you get over the weird taste of coconut water—you too, will see how beneficial this weird tasting drink is.

I have learned from buying and trying many different brands of coconut water that the initial thing you have to do is understand what to look for in the stores. If you’re not anywhere near a Whole Foods or some types of organic market, then you really have to read a lot of labels. Often times, you will get the brands that carry loads of sugar and unnecessary over processed ingredients that would therefore defeat the purpose of drinking it in the first place. I also got some tips from a few different websites and blogs about purchasing coconut water: when in doubt, buy the actual coconut! Make sure the coconut is not older than 5 months because then it would potentially be overripe therefore it wouldn’t taste as good. Also, once you’ve opened this “young coconut”, be sure to drink the water inside as fast as you can because exposure to air can cause it to lose some of its natural nutrients.  Some people have suggested that it takes a bit to get used to coconut water, not just for the taste, your stomach needs time to adjust to it if you’re not used to drinking something that is rich in minerals such as magnesium and potassium. Be careful of the sugar content in the packaged coconut water! Some of the packaged coconut water can provide huge amounts of sugar to make it taste better. Personally, I enjoy drinking Zico coconut water because sometimes I like to treat myself in their chocolate brand. The nutrition facts on the Zico label is:

Serving size: 8 oz Calories: 43 Total Fat: 0 Sodium: 39 mg Potassium: 495 mg Total Carbohydrates: 11 g and Sugars: 10g Ingredients: 100% coconut water.

Coconut water is nature’s diuretic. Not only is it a great source to help boost your energy but it is a great way to hydrate. If you’re an athlete, you should consider switching from sports drinks to coconut water—being that is it a great source for post-exercise rehydration, it contains dietary fiber, enzymes, vitamin C, minerals and amino acids. (hint hint for all of you who take pills from GNC to get all those things)  It is also a tremendous weight loss source because of the high metabolic rate that your body benefits from due to this being such a great hydration source. Coconut water also helps balance your pH levels therefore it reduces acne, helps your skin (especially if you’re like me and have eczema). Basically, this all leads back to coconut water being beneficial for hydration. Water is fine but coconut water adds those extra benefits.

It’s just so enriching and I love it. It doesn’t replace my coffee but sometimes it’s enough to keep me energized when I don’t get a chance to stop somewhere for my cup of Joe.


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