I hate running.


I hate running

No, seriously. I have never enjoyed running. I don’t enjoy how I start cramping after 5 mins, I don’t enjoy the feeling of my legs burning, and I certainly don’t enjoy running for a long period of time. Mostly, I really can’t stand running for miles and miles because I grow bored. I never run more than 2.5 miles and the only reason why I even keep up with that is to maintain my 2 mile run for the military. I do 5k’s (fun runs) with my friends when it involves glow stuff, getting dirty, and lots of music. I find that there are better and more effective ways to doing cardio than running distances.

Interval Training
Warm up by jogging for a minute or two.
Sprint 30 seconds and rest for 60
10 sets

or you can do HIITs.

Or what I like to do for cardio is to get on a treadmill with a 15 incline and a speed of 4.0 — put a weighted vest on and powerwalk for 20 minutes. I guarantee that you will be sweaty and it’s a lot harder than it sounds.


ImageI do, however, enjoy running on the beach because it’s calming and the sand provides great resistance. Here is a great website that can explain both the benefits and the dangers of running on the beach. Like everything else, if you do things in moderation then you should not have a problem.


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