Public Nudity is Acceptable for Artists.


Museum of Fine Arts
465 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts, 02115

My friend/fellow blogger flew in from Chicago for the weekend and what was our first adventure? To the museum of fine arts! We saw different pieces from the Egyptians Era to Modern Art. It was definitely a different experience but we really enjoyed it.



Members FREE
Adults $25
Seniors (65+) $23
Students (18+) $23
Youths 7–17* FREE*
Children 6 and under FREE
*Weekdays after 3 pm, weekends, and Boston public school holidays; otherwise $10.


The best part about being in the military is getting into the museum for me! #perksofbeingmiltiary



From their website:
The Art of the Ancient World collection ranks among the premier encyclopedic collections in the world, with over 83,000 works of art from Egypt, Nubia, the Near East, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, and Anatolia. The objects in the collection range in date from about 6500 BC to AD 600 and cover a broad geographical expanse, from Britain to Afghanistan. There is something for everyone, including sculpture, jewelry, coffins, mummies, coins, weapons, architecture, vases, carved gems, musical instruments, and mosaics.

ImageI wish I had a full understanding of what art, in a way where I can talk about it and just interpret what it means. I still have an appreciation for it nonetheless.

ImageBe sure to check out their website! It was definitely a fun way to spend a couple of hours.




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