About me.

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My mind is so sporadic that I thought I would give this whole ‘blog’ thing a try. I am not the best writer out there but I would like to think that practice makes perfect. Too often I lose interest in things and just stop halfway. So here is to hoping that I will actually stick to this. Currently I am a single mother who is trying to balance life as a full time student while working a full time job. It was not until recently that I started wanting to take a more positive approach to my life– view things differently and understand that some things are just beyond my control. Lifting weights, gawking at fashionistas, reading books and blogs, yoga, teaching my little human, eating healthy and, of course, trying varieties of different coffee and espressos are the highlights of my life. Life is wonderful.

Questions, Comments, Concerns
please email: promisesofcoffee@gmail.com


10 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Get blog definitely an in depth look of who you are and where your going. Great view of life that not on pertains to you but also many others I’m sure. This is a refreshing look at what most of us would never have ability to express. As always you never cease to amaze and motivate.

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