Always playing dress up.


When I’m not working out, updating instagram, playing with my son, or making little posts for my blog– I work at this nail salon called “Nail Pro”. I’ve done nails for a solid 8 years now (typical vietnamese girl, I know. Spare me the jokes!) and one of the perks of doing this job is seeing the local fashion statement that goes in and out of the salon. You have the wannabe jersey shore guidettes, you’ve got the hood rat hooped earring mamas, you have the conservative sweater tied over the shoulder, you’ve got the crop top– You name it and I’ve seen it. With the summer here, I noticed that every group share a common love for dresses. In my opinion, for a day time look, I want a dress that can be flowy and had a nice open back. I love an itty bitty waste with a slightly poofy bottom. This dress I borrowed from my sister: it fitted weird so I tied it at the top.

What is your go to dress?







ImageWhat I’m wearing:
Dress: Francesca’s
Jewelry: Alex and Ani
Shoes: Pink n Pepper



Touring through Washington, DC during the NCSL conference.

ImageI was glad to have been able to have some free time to go on a tour around Washington, DC during the National Center for Student Leadership conference (NCSL). I felt I have learned more from being there, on that tour, than I’ve ever had in any of my history classes throughout my whole academic career. There is something about being physically there that just makes you retain more information and seek more knowledge about different things. Such as, did you know that George Washington laid cornerstones to the U.S Capitol Building but died before it was finished? Our tour guide was knowledgable and provided us with the substantial amount of information. I mean, I feel as though I can now probably answer some questions on jeopardy! Kidding, kind of.
ImageThe only complaint that I have really have about this tour is that we were on a strict time limit; I was pretty upset about not being to walk closer towards the Capitol Building because we had to get back on the bus to get to another stop. I have this weird thing where I want to actually physically touch the building to feel complete. Is that weird? Probably so but it gives me this weird I’m touching history feeling and not being able to walk up there– it made me pretty annoyed.

ImageAhh, the White House. I remember in fourth grade, I looked up how many rooms there are in the White House and when I learned that there were 132 initial thoughts were, “holy cow, I feel bad for the person who has to mop those floors!”. As I got older, my concern for the cleanliness of the house is not as apparent but what is is my desire to live in this house one day. Whether I marry a President or become President– I will live in the White House.

The rest of the tour consisted of walking around different memorial sites and I can’t even begin to explain to you how each site touched me differently. What broke my heart was seeing the Vietnam Memorial wall face to face. Knowing that every name listed is a life gone too soon (or missing in action) is unsettling. The worst is while I’m standing there, teary eyed, staring at these names– I hear a teenage say, “I know veterans are people who are dead….sooooo how do you know which of these names are people who are dead?” I was so mortified by her statement because of her tone of voice as she said it. She was completely nonchalant and did not really seem to care about her surroundings. Her ignorance is truly what scares me for the future because she is our future. TEACH YOUR KIDS!
ImageImageImageOne of the best things about all this is experiencing DC with some of the best people. My fellow student senates and I were able to get closer because this trip. It’s nice to be able to be with a group of motivated, energetic people that have a thirst for knowledge and life. They funniest bunch of turds. If anyone ever has the opportunity to go to DC– I would definitely recommend taking the tour but also be sure to take the time to walk around and experience it for yourself without the group. There were moments where I wished that I was able to just take a moment to let everything sink in but because there was a time constraint.. it made it difficult.

Pictures by @photographybysarahm

Stop tying expectations with flowers!



I was watching Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand’s Grammy performance of “You don’t bring me flowers” and it made me really want to go out to buy flowers for myself. The song speaks about a relationship falling apart and how things change between two people. The used-to-be’s and the not-anymores happens often in relationships but if you buy flowers for yourself then you don’t have to feel bad about the used-to-be’s or the not-anymores. You can simply brighten up your own day by buying them for yourself just because you can. I remember reading this particular blog about all the reasons why the author didn’t want her boyfriend to buy her flowers. It stuck with me because her reasons included that flowers always meant “I’m sorry” or it would elude to future disappointments due to given high expectations; meaning if you give a girl flowers in the beginning of the relationship or on anniversaries, she will expect them all the time, and if you don’t give her flowers anymore then it would lead to the “used-to-be’s”. 

In my opinion, I think people think too deeply into things and maybe they should just enjoy some nice fresh flowers. Whether someone gives them to you, buy them yourself or pick them from the garden next door — just enjoy the simple beauty that comes from having flowers in a vase on your table. I know these made me cheery.  Happy Monday! 


This year it is just another day.



I’m not celebrating Christmas this year. I mean, maybe I am…I’m exchanging gifts and saying “Merry Christmas” but I just don’t think my heart is in it this year. For no reason in particular, I simply just don’t feel like it. My closest friends and family are referring to me as the Grinch/Ebenezer Scrooge because I’m not even wrapping the gifts that I am exchanging. I simply just don’t care for it.It started with not getting the tree up on time. Last year, I put my tree up a week before Thanksgiving because I was excited for December. This year, it remains in my storage closet with all the ornaments in a box tucked neatly beside it. (We don’t believe in getting a real tree because we can’t deal with the mess and I don’t like the smell of it.) Then with preparing for finals, and working two jobs—I kind of forgot about it. Next thing you know, Christmas is literally 5 days away (oops.) At this point, even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t even bother to put up the tree just to tear it down in a few days.

I’m making it sound like the tree is the only thing that amounts up to Christmas but, to me, it is. Christmas = Christmas Tree. No Christmas Tree = No Christmas. I don’t even follow Christianity religion! We adopted the holiday as an excuse to give one another presents because almost everyone else in America is celebrating Christmas. We’re fake Christmas-ers.

On a lighter (merrier, ha) note, I received my first 4.0 grade point average in my whole college career, this semester. I know, I know—hold your applause! Thank you, thank you. No, but really. I’m pretty excited about that. I’m hoping this puts me one step closer into transferring to my dream school. I don’t want to say the name because I don’t want to jinx it. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that, one day, all of this will pay off. The best part about winter break is knowing that I will be able to go through my long reading list. In hopes that my son will never be like Kanye West, I (Mama Santa) bought him a ton of books this year.