3 beginning steps to Fitness

ImageQUICK UPDATE! I think when I think about it—I would consider myself a FIT chick. I’m not the most fit nor am I claiming to be the best fit but I am, in my own way, a FIT chick. I workout more than I go out, and I eat accordingly to my goals. Has there been times when I simply wanted to give up and just quit? Yup à check out my winter months. [It was SO not bulking season..it was just, gimme that McDonald’s season.] I get it, I totally do. Life just happens to get in the way sometimes, right?

A little over a month ago, I was talking to my friend about fitness and gushing over the fact that we LOVE looking at fitness photos. To the point where I believe it was a slight obsession. Then I decided that I was done being SkinnyFat and ready to get back to my old self. Here’s how I did it with 3 simple steps:

  1. I threw out CRAP food.You don’t realize how much you hoard food until you begin doing a full sweep. My mentality right now is, “out of sight- out of mind”. You won’t find chips, cookies, or instamac in this household! I also never realized this but I kept a lot of old pasta boxes, rice bags, and just half eaten cracker stuff. DISGUSTING! Once I eliminated CRAP from my fridge, I started stocking it with good things that would go bad after a week if I didn’t cook it. Which leads me to my number 2.
  1. Meal PrepI wish people realize how important it is to not only eat healthy but to also prep your meals! No, prepping meals is not just for competitors but it should be part of your [future] healthy lifestyle. By preparing your meals it not only helps you actually make the food all in one day so it doesn’t spoil sitting in your fridge but it helps you just do a grab an go the next day! ALSO the biggest part about getting those abs that people so desperately want is eating healthy! Seriously, meal prep would save you in the long run. Plus, tubawares are much easier to wash than plates and skillets.
  1. Fitness LogYou can do this in many different ways. Keep a notebook, an online spreadsheet, exercise log (they sell them at your local bookstore), OR you can be like me and just start a fitness instagram account. This will give you a visual of how your body can quickly change while also tracking your workouts on there. I keep my account public because there are endless amount of encouragements and motivations to help you continue on your fitness journey.


I’ll be doing more posts in regards to what workouts I do and I can’t wait to share you guys my amazing running plan that my best friend, Krista (promisesofcardio.com) came up with. Follow me at FitCLe on instagram to see my progress!


What sort of workout do you do?


I get that question a lot and I never really know how to answer that. The truth is, I don’t stick to just one routine. I am constantly looking for different ways to change up my workout but I do focus on certain pairs of muscle groups at a time. This all comes down to what worked for me. I also love having fun at the gym and what better way to do that then to invite some of my best girlfriends? Here’s a preview of what we do. I promise I will start sharing my workout routine very soon! But until then…enjoy!

I hate running.


I hate running

No, seriously. I have never enjoyed running. I don’t enjoy how I start cramping after 5 mins, I don’t enjoy the feeling of my legs burning, and I certainly don’t enjoy running for a long period of time. Mostly, I really can’t stand running for miles and miles because I grow bored. I never run more than 2.5 miles and the only reason why I even keep up with that is to maintain my 2 mile run for the military. I do 5k’s (fun runs) with my friends when it involves glow stuff, getting dirty, and lots of music. I find that there are better and more effective ways to doing cardio than running distances.

Interval Training
Warm up by jogging for a minute or two.
Sprint 30 seconds and rest for 60
10 sets

or you can do HIITs.

Or what I like to do for cardio is to get on a treadmill with a 15 incline and a speed of 4.0 — put a weighted vest on and powerwalk for 20 minutes. I guarantee that you will be sweaty and it’s a lot harder than it sounds.


ImageI do, however, enjoy running on the beach because it’s calming and the sand provides great resistance. Here is a great website that can explain both the benefits and the dangers of running on the beach. Like everything else, if you do things in moderation then you should not have a problem.