Yes, let’s start out the New Year by being completely unoriginal.


You know everyone is going to be posting about something pertaining to New Years—whether it’s about resolutions or reminiscing—everyone is talking about it. Let me just join that trend/bandwagon. I remember really looking forward to 2013’ because my 2012’ was kind of a tough year. My sense of direction was awful when it came to the whole “where do I go from here”? However, 2013—it was not so bad. I slowly got comfortable in my own skin. I met some pretty cool people that I think [hope] will stay in my life for a while. [Nicolette and I have already formed a solid bond of being soul sisters.] I don’t want to highlight things in bullet form because 2013’ wasn’t bad but it wasn’t all that great [besides my 4.0 GPA—I’m still  so proud of that. Ha!]

Instead, let me just list out everything that I plan on accomplishing for 2014.

  • Maintain the 4.0 GPA: This may be over the top nerdy but I want this more than anything because this is the single thing that I have complete control over. If I get below a 4.0, I won’t kill myself but I will be particularly more disappointed if I failed this goal versus the others.
  • Travel to Yucatan Peninsula: Because it’s freaking Mexico and I want to travel out of the country.
  • Eat clean and continue staying fit: If you want your body to look a certain way then you have to dedicate yourself. Plus there is nothing like the benefits of living a healthy life and having people go “wow, I want to look like that.” [A vain statement indeed, however—I say that about people all the time.]
  • Read 100 books: it might be a lot for some, or minimal to others, but to me—as well as Nicolette—this is something important. Reading is so important for mental stimulation. I want to expand my vocabulary and I want to better my writing skill.
  • Pay off all my credit card bills: I refuse to pay for a trip to Yucatan if I can’t afford it. This is good because I won’t be eating out or going out as much because I’ll either be studying, working out, or reading. TOO BUSY!

So those are my five goals. Five resolutions. I guess we’ll see how it goes. Now, onto Wardrobe Wednesday!





I am wearing:

Coat: Juicy Couture white peacoat

Shirt: Ralph Lauren turtle neck.

Boots: Ugg

Bag: Louis Vuitton Never Full Tote

photos by Shawn Pearce


Santa, I swear I’ve been good this year!



I’ll most likely never get anything from this list because

1. No

2. Wouldn’t blow that much money on half those things.

3. don’t have the money otherwise I would.

4. James Franco looks promising though.

Haha, just kidding on the Franco but a girl can certainly dream!