Stop tying expectations with flowers!



I was watching Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand’s Grammy performance of “You don’t bring me flowers” and it made me really want to go out to buy flowers for myself. The song speaks about a relationship falling apart and how things change between two people. The used-to-be’s and the not-anymores happens often in relationships but if you buy flowers for yourself then you don’t have to feel bad about the used-to-be’s or the not-anymores. You can simply brighten up your own day by buying them for yourself just because you can. I remember reading this particular blog about all the reasons why the author didn’t want her boyfriend to buy her flowers. It stuck with me because her reasons included that flowers always meant “I’m sorry” or it would elude to future disappointments due to given high expectations; meaning if you give a girl flowers in the beginning of the relationship or on anniversaries, she will expect them all the time, and if you don’t give her flowers anymore then it would lead to the “used-to-be’s”. 

In my opinion, I think people think too deeply into things and maybe they should just enjoy some nice fresh flowers. Whether someone gives them to you, buy them yourself or pick them from the garden next door — just enjoy the simple beauty that comes from having flowers in a vase on your table. I know these made me cheery.  Happy Monday! 



Nude, dude.


BCBGeneration – The Renee evening sandals.
4.5 inch heels, rhinestone covered straps.

I go through these phases where I blow money on the most unnecessary things.  Let me explain, shoes are not unnecessary however I do consider them to be more of a luxury than a necessity. So technically I don’t need to buy these sparkly-make-me-feel-like-Carrie-Bradshaw shoes but when I’m walking through the store and they literally scream at me (the shoes, not the employees [I hear voices?] ), practically begging me to buy them.. I can’t help but reluctantly hand over my black mastercard for the size six in nude.

Just as the cheerful-as-a-jolly-judy would, the woman thanked me with a big smile on her face as she handed me the bag with the receipt placed in it. You would think that’s it, right? I can leave the store and not make another purchase– at least not for shoes. Yeah, that’s where you’re wrong. I was close to the door when I saw these nude ankle boots that was made me say, “what’s one more?”. Part of me was hoping that they didn’t have my size because that would be the only excuse for me to not buy these sexy-Rachel-Bilson-posing shoes. BUT of course, as the Shoe Gods would have it, they had it in my size as well as four different colors. 


Bag: DSW
Shoes: Calvin Klein

I had originally gone in the store to purchase a Christmas present, but instead left with these two gems as well as two pairs of boating shoes. Why would I need sperrys now? I don’t know but I got them. -Shoeaholic.