This year it is just another day.



I’m not celebrating Christmas this year. I mean, maybe I am…I’m exchanging gifts and saying “Merry Christmas” but I just don’t think my heart is in it this year. For no reason in particular, I simply just don’t feel like it. My closest friends and family are referring to me as the Grinch/Ebenezer Scrooge because I’m not even wrapping the gifts that I am exchanging. I simply just don’t care for it.It started with not getting the tree up on time. Last year, I put my tree up a week before Thanksgiving because I was excited for December. This year, it remains in my storage closet with all the ornaments in a box tucked neatly beside it. (We don’t believe in getting a real tree because we can’t deal with the mess and I don’t like the smell of it.) Then with preparing for finals, and working two jobs—I kind of forgot about it. Next thing you know, Christmas is literally 5 days away (oops.) At this point, even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t even bother to put up the tree just to tear it down in a few days.

I’m making it sound like the tree is the only thing that amounts up to Christmas but, to me, it is. Christmas = Christmas Tree. No Christmas Tree = No Christmas. I don’t even follow Christianity religion! We adopted the holiday as an excuse to give one another presents because almost everyone else in America is celebrating Christmas. We’re fake Christmas-ers.

On a lighter (merrier, ha) note, I received my first 4.0 grade point average in my whole college career, this semester. I know, I know—hold your applause! Thank you, thank you. No, but really. I’m pretty excited about that. I’m hoping this puts me one step closer into transferring to my dream school. I don’t want to say the name because I don’t want to jinx it. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that, one day, all of this will pay off. The best part about winter break is knowing that I will be able to go through my long reading list. In hopes that my son will never be like Kanye West, I (Mama Santa) bought him a ton of books this year.



Santa, I swear I’ve been good this year!



I’ll most likely never get anything from this list because

1. No

2. Wouldn’t blow that much money on half those things.

3. don’t have the money otherwise I would.

4. James Franco looks promising though.

Haha, just kidding on the Franco but a girl can certainly dream!